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Training in Science Communication

I give workshops on oral and written science communication for all levels of higher education and research.

In 2018, after my PhD, I started working as the scientific coordinator of a doctoral school. A big part of my job was to design the training curriculum for the PhD students and, based on my own interests and training, I designed a course for them on oral communication of science, mainly aimed at helping them present their projects in conferences or during their PhD defence. Based on the success of this course, I started expanding the offer of courses and workshops to include some written communicaiton and also working with other levels of education as well (bachelor and Masters).

In 2019, I left my job as a scientific coordinator to devote fully to develop more training workshops and courses. Today, I offer a variety of workshops in English, French and Spanish, along with semester-long courses for academic institutions, including not only students but also senior researchers and staff. The topics and length of the workshops are adapted to the needs of each insitution and I provide the participants with all the relevant material before, during and after the course.

My latest workshops have been on:

  • Pitch training (for senior scientists)

  • Oral communication for scientific audiences (for PhD students)

  • Developing and writing a research proposal (for Master students)

  • Communication for scientific collaboration (for Master students)

  • Writing a research report (for Bachelor students)

  • Engaging presentations for non-academic audiences (for PhD students)

  • Inclusive science communication (for mixed academic audiences)

If you are interested in discussing a possibility of a training, please feel free to email me or book a meeting with me to discuss it. I can provide you with a detailed training proposition and program before the training, and feedback collected from the participants after it, to evaluate the impact of my interventions.

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